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Non-GMO Canola Oil

There is a small percentage of seed that is produced without genetic modification, which becomes Non-GMO or Organic Canola Oil. These oils are produced using seed that hasnever been genetically modified which oil delivers the healthiest results for any purpose of general consumption.
Ideal for deep frying, pan frying, baking, seasonings, salad dressings, wok cooking & marinades.

Canola Cooking Oil, Onemore Distributors, Canada

Canola Cooking Oil

Oil is fully refined, edible grade oil made from the seeds of canola flower and is the lowest in saturated fats per serving among vegetable oils.
Canola oil’s natural taste enhances flavor of food, goes well with salads as it free flows, and replaces butter in baking as it is healthier and leaves no after taste. Using it for baking, saute & stir fry, salads, grilling, sauces, and marinade. It’s high smoking point (220 C) makes it ideal for frying.


Clearly Canola Spray

Healthy non-stick cooking spray with no added fillers or chemicals. Eat without worrying!
Enjoy the quality of Clearly Canola cooking spray as your pan fry, bake or roast without ordinary shortening, butter, margarine, cooking oil or grease. Foods won´t stick on pan serving is easy and so is clean up.
Ideal for use on: griddles, waffle irons, molds, microwave cooking, barbecue grills, frying pans, baking pans, roasters and all utensils and casseroles.
Zero Trans-fat, Cholesterol Free, Ozone Friendly, No Chemicals, No Artificial Flavors, Sodium Free.

Oil-free Non-stick Spray

Not Available in Canada

This spray is formulated to avoid sticking and works with any non-stick (Teflon) cooking surface, without interfering with the taste or texture of the cooking object.
Specially designed to work with the waffle baker grids.
No Mess – No Grease – No Build up.




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