Gluten Free Waffle Mix

Gluten Free – Waffle & Pancake Mix

 Not Available in Canada

Waffle, Pancake and Crepe Mixes

Malted Vanilla Waffle & Pancake Mix

(Add water only)

 Not Available in Canada

Cinnamon Waffle & Pancake Mix

 Not Available in Canada

Blueberry Waffle & Pancake Mix

 Not Available in Canada

Delux French Style Crepe Mix

(Add water only)


Omelette Mix

“Freshly Baked“ Omeletta™

(Add water only)


Deluxe Cake Mixes

At Onemore we combine creativity and science by dealing with the best companies, to provide our customers with the very best innovative flavors and bakery ingredients available through. We offer great selection of integrated signature cake mixes which will deliver customer satisfaction and great profitability to the end user!

Extra Moist Vanilla Crème Cake Base


Extra Moist Chocolate Crème Cake Base


Yellow Layer Complete Cake Mix


Chocolate Layer Complete Cake Mix


Carrot Cake Mix


Red Velvet Cake Mix


Black Forest Cake Mix




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